We discover opportunities for brands and “people as brands” using a variety of modern qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, generational filters, and emerging trends in consumer and pop culture.

We connect the dots.  We simplify the complex.  We see around corners. We help brands engage consumers on a deeper level.

We believe research and strategy work must be more than just an intellectual exercise. Our high-impact, easy-to-evangelize research deliverables–from infographics, to engaging presentations and insight films–inspire our clients to take action.

We are based in New York City.

Recent clients
Our work
Opening Weekend
Created an innovative audience research program to help movie marketers reach indie film fans
Future of Retail
Used millennial immersions and cultural trends to help an agency understand what's next in retail
Bands as Brands
Developed trend and insights-based brand strategies for major label recording artists
Modern Love
Exploration of dating, sex, and relationships among Millennial women that inspired new brand strategies for a fashion retailer
Behind the Music (app)
Used millennial immersions and cultural trends to help an agency understand what's next in retail
It's Not TV
Produced an insight film that brought an audience segmentation to life for a premium cable TV network
The Making of a Best Seller
Discovered the DNA of a genre super fan and developed insight-led engagement strategies to connect authors and fans
Entertain Us
Conducted ethnography research that helped a cable TV network develop mobile content for Millennial audiences
Road Trip!
Immersed auto designers in the lifestyle and aspirations of Millennial influencers to inspire car designs of the future
Generation pet
Co-created products with dog owners to help a pet care company understand the needs of different generations of consumers
Conscious Consumerism
Helped a media company explore the lifestyle and brand preferences of spiritual, health and wellness-oriented consumers
Why Buy
Uncovered the emotional drivers that influence footwear decisions and inspired a brand's creative strategy

About Jayne

Our work is led by Jayne Charneski, who has over 15 years experience in consumer insights and strategy. Prior to starting her own agency, Jayne was a senior marketing executive at Creative Artists Agency where she worked with CAA talent and with brands on insight-driven consumer and audience engagement strategies. Jayne also oversaw research for The Cassandra Report, the leading syndicated trend report on Millennial and Gen Z consumers and cultural trendsetters.

Prior to CAA, Jayne was the VP of Global Consumer Insights & Strategy at EMI Music where she helped EMI develop a deep understanding of music consumers in the digital world and inspired insight-driven marketing campaigns for EMI artist and bands.

An expert in consumer culture, Jayne’s work has been featured in the New York Times, on NPR’s All Things Considered, and on CNN.

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